Beautiful Harbour Bridge in Sydney

I was staring at the Sydney Harbour Bridge and wondered why it is so famous.  I decided that it is its grand structure - it is a big bridge, in fact it is the largest (not the longest) steel arch bridge in the world. Located in the beautiful harbour of Sydney, it has become a renowned international symbol of Australia, together with the Sydney Opera House.

With length approaching 1149 metres, you can cross the bridge by driving a car, riding a bicyle or motorcycle, taking a train or walk over it. It carries eight vehicle lanes, two train lines, a footway and a cycleway. The tip of the arch stands 134 metres above sea level, and the clearance under the deck for ship to pass through spaced 49 metres.
Here are some photos I have taken from a place called The Rocks, as I marvelled with the grand architectural design of the bridge.

Sydney Harbour Bridge viewed from The Rocks @ingenira

Harbour Bridge via The Rocks @ingenira

Harbour Bridge at Night @Charles Tan


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