Old Town White Coffee - A Malaysian born Cafe

Malaysian born Cafe - Old Town White Coffee has been a successful business venture. If it is not mushrooming like Starbucks, it is certainly available in almost every shopping mall, or business and residential area. It gives the locals not only a cup of nice coffee and its delicious brown toast, but a really nostalgic taste of the environment set up. A favourite place for many businessmen, you can often observe insurance agents, multi level marketers and direct selling agents meeting customers for their business matters over a cup of reasonable priced coffee and snacks.

Old Town

White Coffee from OldTown White Coffee Shop


the famous brown butter toast sandwich

Brown Toast from Old Town White Coffee

If you like something cold, they also sell the ice-blended drinks.

Ice Blended Mango

Mooncakes for Mid Autumn Festival in Thailand

Even though all the local Thai people in Thailand speaks Thai and follow Thai custom, there are still some Chinese who hold on to their traditional festive celebration.  I was walking in one of the Makro shop in Thailand and looked what I have discovered ?  MOONCAKES !  Wow, it is amazing to see so many moon cakes here. They are not so fancy, but maybe because they are mooncakes from a warehouse supermarket. Nevertheless, the sight of mooncakes do make me feel at home.

Boxes of Mooncakes in Thailand

Golden Dragon Brand MoonCakes in packets

Beanpaste Mooncakes from Thailand
Thai Mooncake with Chinese Characters

Even the brand name of the mooncake is so Chinese - Golden Dragon.  Chinese likes to use "dragon" in names.
Gold Dragon Brand Mooncake
Beanpaste Cookies from Thailand


Hari Raya Celebration in Paradigm Mall

Paradigm Mall

A newly opened mall in Kelana Jaya, Paradigm Mall, has a lot to offer for Hari Raya celebration to Klang Valley residents as well as tourists. 

When I visited the mall for the first time, it was not easy to know the shops orientation.  After a few walks around, it is not difficult to figure out where to go. 

Paradigm Mall

If you come around Buka Puasa time, you can enjoy live performances such as Jazz, pop songs etc by a local band. 

Jazz Performance at Paradigm Mall

Live Performance during Ramadhan Month in Paradigm Mall

There seemed to have many complaints about this mall, such as malfunction lift, falling air conditioned, confusing car park etc, if you googled it.

Leaving that behind, it is quite a nice mall to hang out during leisure time.