Images of Petrol Station Kioks in Thailand

Some of the big petrol station in Thailand such as PTT can be a nice place to be. You can dine there and after that walk and shop. Thai people loves interior designs, and their shops are so exquisitely and beautifully decorated.  See images below :

Petrol Station PTT

Amazon Cafe

Foi Thong - a famous Thai delights available in S&P shop

Mooncakes from S&P - Durian flavour !


Images of Putrajaya Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Putrajaya Marriott Hotel is a 5 stars rated hotel situated in Putrajaya, a new township located about 1 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur city centre, and 15 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur Internation Airport.

A majestic hotel that often come with offers, you can check the various promotion offers from their website :

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Putrajaya Marriot hotel - main hall

Decorative Waterfall beside swimming pool

Main Swimming Pool

Children Pool with slide

Jacuzzi Pool

Another articial Waterfall

Man-made pond in the hotel

Lily Pond beside the swimming pool

The Cheapest Way to Get from Rome Fiumicino Airport to City Centre

Rome international airport is called Fiumicino airport, or (less-known as) Leornardo Da Vinci Airport. It is located 26 km southwest of the city of Rome. There are many ways to get from Rome airport to city. The cheapest way, which is also the most convinient way, is to take the bus. It will only cost you €5 per person to get from Rome airport to the Termini Main bus station in Rome city centre, a direct route, that takes about 30 minutes. There are a few bus operators, namely terravision, TAM, and COTRAL.


Where to buy the bus ticket?

You can get the bus ticket in Rome Terminal 3 airport. When you are in terminal 3, look for the sign board that says go to the bus station or train station.  Walk towards that direction, and before you reach the bus stations which is just outside the building, on the same floor, you will see a row of booths selling bus tickets. After buying the tickets, you can exit the building and find the bus stops not far away.

If you are in Terminal 1, another cheaper choice is to take the bus (from operator COTRAL) to EUR Magliana which stops at the metro station of line B, then you can take the metro from this station to your final destination. It is in fact the cheapest way to get to the Rome city centre (€2.50 bus + €1.50) metro). Look for the sign on this bus reads "Fiumicino-Porto-Magliana".

Train Tickets

There are two types of train, the railway train or Metropolitan train, which costs much more than the bus, i.e.  €5.50  or €11, plus metro €1.50.  Then, they don't stop at Termini station. More transits means more hassle in bringing your luggages around.


Taxi costs €40 from Rome airport to city. It gives door to door service which is great, if you are willing to pay for the price. My recent experience taking taxi in Italy has been great.  Most of them use meter and GPS, which means, they will bring you to the destination with the shortest route. If they don't use GPS, you can always turn on your smart phone and check the route he/she is taking. With GPS in phone, it is harder for taxi drivers to cheat customers by taking the longer route to reach the destination.