Restaurant Lian Fong Yuen in Dungun, Terengganu

Wild Pork Curry
 If you are looking for Chinese restaurant in Dungun, a place where the wild pork curry is a popular dish, consider this Chinese Restaurant called Lian Fong Yuen, located in Lim Teck Wan Road in Kuala Dungun China Town.  A simple, straight-forward Chinese restaurant, with no air-conditioning, but satisfy your stomach with reasonable price, that is what you can expect from this family owned restaurant. It doesn't open until 6pm, so don't try to find it earlier than that.

They offer really tasty Chinese food ranging from fish, crab, prawn, chicken to pork, almost all the common Chinese meals you can expect. And you get beer there too ! 

You can read more information about the variety of the dishes and the price from the web link below :

Best Chinese Restaurant In Dungun, Terengganu - Restoran Lian Fong Yuen

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