Experience Making Visa or Work Permit at Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur

My Experience in Indonesian Embassy - To make Entry Visa / Work Permit 

My cable visa is ready. It was obtained by my company from Indonesian Embassy (require 1 month processing time). Next, I need to get the Entry visa at Indonesia Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. I was asked to bring the documents below :

  1. Cable visa letter  
  2. 2 recent passport photos (red background) 
  3. Original passport
  4. Passport copy  (front copy & signature copy)
  5. Visa fees RM 451 (Multiple Business Visa )

The process will be take only 2 working days. You submit the documents above on the 1st day (between 9am to 12 noon), and pick up the passport (with Entry Visa) on the next day (between 2pm to 5pm, the exact time frame will be given by Indonesian Embassy)

Note: The cable visa is valid for 2 months starting from the date of cable visa issued.
         The Indonesia Entry Visa is valid for 3 months starting from the date of issued.

Address and Parking

If you are driving to Indonesian Embassy, you can find the embassy from Google map or waze. Address as follows :  No. 233 Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

You can park your car before or after the Embassy building.  If you use Google map to look for the embassy, you will get something like this photo below :

To park your car, you can park in one of the following places: 

1. Beverly Wilshare Medical Centre  (BWMC) , an indoor basement carpar, which always has empty space at the basement. The parking fee is about RM3 per hour. 30 seconds walk to Indonesian Embassy. 

2. If you drive pass BWMC, the next location is outdoor car park. This outdoor car park is located next to the Indonesian Embassy, and in the morning, it is very full. The entrance fee is more expensive than BWMC too. RM4 per hour.

3. If you miss the two places above, drive pass the Embassy, and you will find a multi-storey building, of which you can park your car at the basement. The entrance to the indoor car park which is very sharp and narrow at 90 deg turn into the slope. 

4. The best place to park is open car park right before the Indonesian Embassy. It is only a stone throw away from the Embassy building. The fee is RM4.00 for first hour, and RM3 for subsequent hour. 

Opening Hours of Indonesian Embassy

For making visa : 9am - 12 noon
For collecting passport : 2pm - 5pm

The opening hours is 9 am to 12 noon.  Please try to go early and reach there before 10.30am, as they give limited number of tickets per day, 120 tickets to be exact.  Once, I reached there at 10am, and all the numbers are given out. I was asked to come on the next day. Using Google map, you can estimate the time of arrival after taken into account of traffic jam.

The main gate is opened for visa applicants at about 7.40am. 
The ticket counter which gives out number opens at 8.15am.
The visa application counter opens at 9am. 

A huge crowd of about 100 people have started queueing up in front of the gate at about 7am. So, to avoid disappointment, it is recommended to be at the gate by 7.30am. 

Work Process in Indonesian Embassy

After you park your car, walk towards the Indonesian Embassy. There are two entrances. See photo below.  

D1 is the entrance is for Indonesian renewing their passport or work visa.
D2 is the entrance for Non-Indonesians to make work permit

(Note : These marking D1 and D2 is done by me. You will not see the sign D1 and D2 at the Embassy entrance. There is a guard there who can guide you in case you have problem.)

In my first trip there, Entrance D2 was closed. I can still enter via D1, and turn right, walk pass a hall of applicants, and then turn right to the Information Counter to get the queue number and a form.   

Information Counter

After you enter Entrance D2, you will see an Information Counter on your left. It is a enclosed booth with a small windows for you to get the queue number and a form to fill. You can also ask the lady officer on which room to go to do your work permit.

Room for Making Work Permit

After you get your queue number at the Information Counter, go up the staircase nearby, and when you are up half a floor, you will see an air-conditioned room on your right. Push the door open and enter this room. You will see many foreigners (Europeans for example) in this room.  Also, this seems to be the only air-conditioned room for public entrance in Indonesian Embassy. 

Then, fill up the form which you obtained from the Information Counter while waiting for your number to be called.

When your number is called, walk to the respective counter and hand over the following :

  1. Cable visa letter  
  2. 2 recent passport photos (red background) 
  3. Original passport
  4. Passport copy  (front copy & signature copy)
  5. Visa fees RM 451 (Multiple Business entry )

The officer will check the documents and if all goes well, you will be given a slip and informed of the passport collection time on the next day. 

Pick Up Passport

On the second day, go to the Indonesian Embassy and arrive at the time frame given, and walk to the same room where you submitted your documents. Queue in line in any windows opened to pick up your passport.  Normally, the queue is short. 

That's it !

Enrich Voucher CAN NOT be Used in KL Sentral any more - Temptation Boutique 2016

MAS Temptation Boutique in KL Sentral is closed now. Please call 03-8777 5594 for more information. The staff can email you the latest catalogue and inform you on the lastest sale promotions they are having. 

1st floor, Flight Management Building at KLIA is closed down. You cannot use your voucher anywhere now except in some long distance flight.

Short distance flight such as KL - Bangkok does not offer inflight sales.

(updated on July 2017)

The good news is, you can redeem Enrich points for other non-purchase benefits such as loungers in airport and excess baggage.

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