A Trip to Cijin (Qijin) island, Kaohsiung - Photos and Images

Cijin or Qijin is an island in Kaohsiung. It used to be connected to the mainland of Taiwan at the southern tip, but in year 1967, the government broke the link from the main land, so as to build the second entry point to Port of Kaohsiung.

The island is often flooded with visitors on the weekend.  They either take the ferry or underground tunnel to go from mainland to the island.  To take the ferry, you can depart from the Gushan Ferry Terminal.  The view from this terminal is spectacular !

View from Gushan Ferry Pier

View from Ferry to Qijin Island

It only cost TWD15 per person per trip from Taiwan mainland to Cijin.

The trip takes about 15 to 20 minutes.
Gushan Ferry Pier

Gushan Ferry Pier

Ferry from Qijin Island

The Splendor Hotel, Koahsiung

Kaohsiung City View

Kaohsiung City from Qijin

Kaohsiung Port

Ships at Kaohsiung Port

Cijin Boat Petrol Filling Station

Cijin - Boat Petrol Station

Qijin Town

Ferry terminal at Qijin Island

The black beach in Cijin Island

The beach in Cijin was slowly washed away by waves.  So the government built the wave barrier near the beach, and according to the locals, it did help to preserved the beach.   

During the Morocco Typhoon in 2009, this beach was flooded with so many woods and tree trunks from unknown source. The community gathered and removed the woods, so that the beach is available to public again. 
Qijin Beach

Qijin Town

Qijin town is famous for very fresh seafood. Don't miss going to the seafood restaurant to savour the best seafood in town. 
Fresh Seafood restaurant in Cijin

All kinds of seafood in Qijin

Night market, Cijin

Another seafood restaurant in Qijin

The Chinese Temple in Qijin

Tian Hou Gong or Tian Hou Temple in Qijin

Tian Hou Temple in Cijin

Barbeque Squid in Cijin

Night at Cijin port

Kaohsiung Night View
15th of the month (Chinese Calendar)

Kaohsiung City View at Night
Gushan Terminal Night View
Gushan Terminal at Night

View From The Highest Hotel Room Floor of the Splendor Hotel Kaohsiung - Photos and Images

The Splendor Hotel, also called the 85 Sky Tower Hotel, like the name said, is soaring high with 85 floors above Kaohsiung skyline. It used to be the tallest hotel in Taiwan until Taipei 101 tower overtook the place.

The hotel reception is on the 39th floor. Yes, that means the lowest hotel room is above 39th floor.  But 40th to 46th floor are used for various function such as restaurants, function rooms etc.  The lowest floor for hotel room is 46th floor, and the highest is on the 70th floor.  I was lucky enough to stayed on the 70th floor, and the photos below is the awesome view from the hotel room :

During day time :

View from 70th floor of The Splendor Hotel, Kaohsiung

View from 70th floor of The Splendor Hotel, Kaohsiung

View from 70th floor of The Splendor Hotel, Kaohsiung

View from 70th floor of The Splendor Hotel, Kaohsiung

At night :

The Splendor Hotel


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