Beautiful Harbour Bridge in Sydney

I was staring at the Sydney Harbour Bridge and wondered why it is so famous.  I decided that it is its grand structure - it is a big bridge, in fact it is the largest (not the longest) steel arch bridge in the world. Located in the beautiful harbour of Sydney, it has become a renowned international symbol of Australia, together with the Sydney Opera House.

With length approaching 1149 metres, you can cross the bridge by driving a car, riding a bicyle or motorcycle, taking a train or walk over it. It carries eight vehicle lanes, two train lines, a footway and a cycleway. The tip of the arch stands 134 metres above sea level, and the clearance under the deck for ship to pass through spaced 49 metres.
Here are some photos I have taken from a place called The Rocks, as I marvelled with the grand architectural design of the bridge.

Sydney Harbour Bridge viewed from The Rocks @ingenira

Harbour Bridge via The Rocks @ingenira

Harbour Bridge at Night @Charles Tan


Nyonya Restaurant in Sydney

Just around the corner of Darling Quarter is a Malaysian restaurant called, "Nyonya". Here you can find almost any Nyonya food you can imagine : otak-otak, nyonya laksa, ice-kacang, etc. Nyonya, originated from Malaysia too, is the term used for lady for the descendants of late 15th and 16th-century Chinese immigrants to Malaysia during the Colonial era. For man, he is called “Baba”.
Nyonya restaurant in Sydney

Nyonya Restaurant near Darling Quarter

The feedback of this restaurant : The food are ok, can be better.

Location : Chinatown, Sydney

Shop 88 Level 5, 1 Dixon St
Tel : (02) 9283 7022

Mamak Restaurant in Sydney - A Popular Malaysian Restaurant

Mamak Restaurant in Sydney

Look at the photo above, and needless to say, the "Mamak" restaurant in Sydney city is one of the most popular Asian or Malaysian restaurant. The queue is long whether it is lunch or dinner time. Mamak food is actually fusion food between the Indian and local Malays in Malaysia.  They make excellent curry chicken, curry fish or fish head, roti Canai, spicy fried chicken, satay, fried Mamak noodle and the list can go on.

It is located beside the China town or Darling Quarter in Sydney, an excellent place to find good food from various nationalities.

Sydney city branch :

15 Goulburn Street
Sydney CBD NSW 2000
de Groots Best Restaurants of Australia
de Groots Best Restaurants of Australia
Tel : (02) 9211 1668
(Unfortunately, they do not take bookings.)
de Groots Best Restaurants of Australia
Chatswood branch :
p9/1-5 Railway Street
Chatswood NSW
Tel: (02) 9411 4411

Nyonya Restaurant in Sydney

Just around the corner is another Malaysian restaurant called, "Nyonya".  Here you can find almost any Nyonya food you can imagine : otak-otak, nyonya laksa, etc.  The place does not show any long queue, probably due to its price and the nice atmospheric set up.
Nyonya restaurant in Sydney city
Nyonya Restaurant in Sydney

Chaotic Car Park System near LRT station in Kuala Lumpur

In Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and the areas surrounding it, many people drive their cars to LRT station, park their car there and take the LRT to Kuala Lumpur or another far-away section of Klang Valley to work or shop.  Therefore, car park operators are earning good money for this business.  In fact, the response is overwhelming. See photo below.  The car are double parked.  The middle lane which are normally used as driving lane for cars to enter and exit are fully parked with cars.


Double Parking near LRT station

So, how do the car enter and exit ? Well, the car park operator has it all figured out and planned.  They take your car key, and in case someone needs to exit this cramped car park area, they will enter your car using your car key, and put the car in free gear.  Then, they will either drive or push the car forward or backward, to allow a car to come out of the parked spot.  And of course they have a few car parking attendants to do these job for you.

Car Park in Asia Jaya LRT station
Car Park near Asia Jaya LRT Station
Cramped Car Park
Is it chaotic ? Depends on how you see it. The car part operator is very organized, and they are able to serve you in the shortest time possible.  If it helps you to save some traffic jam hours, why not ?