Making new Passport or renew Passport near Subang Airport or Plaza Glomac - 2013

Immigration Office in Subang Airport Road 

After a quick google check, I found out that the Immigration Office near Terminal 3 has closed and moved to Plaza Glomac which is nearby, beside the Subang Airport Road too.

If you use waze on your smart phone as GPS, search for "Immigration Office Plaza Glomac" or "Passport Kelana Jaya" or "Passport Plaza Glomac " and it will lead you to the right location.  The photo below shows the Immigration office.  It is actually a corner shop painted in golden yellow colour.

Another quick way to go to this office :  drive towards Paradigm Mall, turn left to "Jalan SS7/26" immediately before Paradigm Mall, go straight and take the second left turn to "Jalan SS7/19", and go straight you will see this building below.

Not only the location has been changed, there are a few other changes worth noting.  (Note that this post is valid since August, 2013).

1)  The passport photo requires white background now, not blue.  You can take the photos just beside the Passport office, at very reasonable rate of 6 photos for RM10.  It is fast and rather good quality.  With no queue, I got my photos in 1 or 2 minutes.

2)  Since white background photo requirement is implemented, the automated machine to create or renew passport is no longer in service.  So, everyone has to queue up to go to the counter to get the passport done.

How fast is the Passport Renewal process ?

I reached the Immigration Office at about 7.30am on a Wednesday morning.  After taking photos and I queued up for numbers.  My number was 3058, and my turn came only at about 10am. After that, the process was quick.  The officer took my old passport, photos and IC. (Photocopied IC is only required for new passport application, not required for passport renewal.) Then, I wait for the payment counter to called me, and it did, about 15 minutes later.  So, by 10.30am, I am good to go and come back 1 hour later to pick up my passport.  So, all in all, if I come in at 7.30am, I can get my passport at 11.30am, that's 4 hours of waiting time.

I think the process took longer than 5 years ago.  I recalled leaving the immigration office with my passport within 2 hours.

Note that, during week days, only 500 numbers are given, and when the number is all taken up, they don't take in any more application. So if you don't want to make a few trips, go early.  The office opens on Saturday and Sunday too, but only 200 numbers, and less number of counters are opened.

Making/Renew Passport in UTC Pudu Sentral

Note : Nowadays you can make your passport UTC Pudu Sentral at Puduraya Bus Station. 
Yes, the bus station near Kota Raya mall, or Petaling Street.
Feature Image 1

And it is open after office hours !!

Open every day except public holidays.
Friday : 8am - 12 noon, 2.30pm to 10pm
Sat to Thu : 8am to 10pm

Check out this link : here