Melaka Public Swimming Pool Opening Hours

Melaka Public Swimming Pool

Melaka Public Swimming Pool has unusual time arrangement for opening to the public. They starts open at 10.30 in the morning, and public is allowed to access for 1.5 to 2 hours interval only. When the time is expired, the sirens will sound, asking the pool visitors to leave the place. Then, a new batch of public people is allowed to access. So if you arrive there earlier than the pre-fixed time, you have to wait for the next session to enter. Read further for my experience with the MBMB pool.

One friday, I browsed on MBMB website, and its timetable mentioned that public is allowed to enter from 6 to 8pm. So, I reach there with a group of children at 6.30pm, hoping to play at the pool for an hour. To our disappointment, the guard did not allow us to enter, as the next session starts at 7pm. So, we have to wait at the waiting area for half an hour. I could not buy the tickets earlier too. When the sirens were heard at 7pm, the ticket master walked slowly to the counter to sell the ticket for us. Thereafter we could enter the pool area.

See below for the snapshot of MBMB (Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah) public pool access timetable : (Note : The timetable at MBMB website is wrong and outdated, you can try their phone number too, and the number is not in service.)

Melaka Public Swimming Pool Time Table

Entrance Fee :

Swimming Pool Only :

Adult : RM2.00
Child : RM1.00

Swimming Pool and Gym :

Adult : RM3.00

Proper swimming attire is advised but not strictly enforced.

Melaka Maritime Museum

Driving to Melaka Public Swimming Pool

The Melaka Public Swimming Pool is located opposite the famous Melaka Maritime Museum or the big Ship.  As you drive along the road to the Ship, when you reach the market opposite the Ship, you can see the sign board that says “ Turn Left to MBMB Swimming Pool”.  So, turn left and you should then find a parking place for your car.  The swimming pool is just right behind the market.  You can park the car in front of the swimming pool, or the market.

Swimming trunk, Swimming Suit, Goggle, Float or Kick Board, Towel For Rent in the Swimming Pool

If you forget to bring any of the swimming attire, goggle, kick board or towel, don’t worry, you can rent it from a shop in the MBMB pool itself.  As you enter the MBMB pool main building, you will see a convenient shop selling drinks and snacks. Behind this shop, there is another shop called “QAA Marl Swimming Centre”. This shop sells all kinds of swimming needs.  You can also rent the swimming attire, goggle, kick board and towel here for only a few Ringgit.  See below the rental cost for swimming needs, in case you forget to bring any.
QAA Marl Swimming Centre
Swimming Attire, Goggle and Kickboard for rent

Rental Cost for Swimming Attire, Goggle, Kick Board and Towel at QAA Marl Swimming Centre