Best Sarawak Laksa in Klang Valley - Sarawak Corner in Restaurant Meisek, USJ14

Sarawak Laksa from USJ14

I have tried Sarawak Laksa from various places in Klang Valley, and so far the laksa from the hawker stall called "Sarawak Corner" in Restaurant Meisek, USJ 14 is the best !!  Many, MANY, Sarawakians are seen visiting this stall to satisfy their crave for Sarawak Laksa, especially on the weekend.  Saturday is the busiest day for the couple, who obviously have problem coping with the demands from customers.  While she is preparing a dish, a few orders are coming in, and they often forget the orders, or the correct queue ... and being a couple in their fifties, until today, they still don't know how to solve the problem. So, please kindly remind them if you have waited for 10 minutes.

Is it worth the wait, YES, if you are craving for a good Sarawak laksa !
Let me try my best to describe the taste of the laksa. The gravy is just thick enough, very fragrant and savoury. The amount of coconut she puts in is just nice. The prawns are huge - generous portion indeed. It costs RM5 by the way. And RM6 for special preparation - added with cha-siew and fish balls. The locals like to eat it with noodle instead of meehoon. Sarawakian customers just know how it is best to consume with meehoon (big-sized rice noodles).

They are also selling the Sarawak Kolo Mee, which I think is also very well made.  The orders for Kolo Mee came in faster than the laksa ! The locals especially enjoy the Sarawak Kolo Mee.

Sarawak Kolo Mee from USJ14

Parking areas around the restaurants are quite crowded especially when it is close to lunch time.  The stall is also famous for other food like nasi lemak (Chinese version).

Restoran Meisek in USJ14

To get the materials such as noodles and laksa paste, the husband actually goes to the airport every day to receive the materials sent from Kuching.  Wow, what an effort indeed !

Do give them your support, so that we continue to have Sarawak laksa and kolo mee in Klang Valley, as good as you can get in Kuching !


Worst Sarawak Laksa

The picture says a thousand words, isn't it ?  This worst Sarawak laksa is available from a food court in Putrajaya. The air-conditioned food court is facing the famous lake, close to cruise departure area.  

Really, after 2 bites, I put down the spoon, and ordered the chicken rice next door ! 


  1. I agree. People always take Sarawak laksa for granted. Sigh.. last pic, combining laksa utara and sarawak laksa.. that is just sad.

  2. The best sarawak kolok mee I'd tried in KL. Sure u won't regret it...

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