A cycling trip around Taiwan Kaohsiung's Lian Lake with Photos / Images

Lian Lake is quite a huge lake in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It is located a few minutes drive from High Speed Train station Zuoyin.  I stayed in the hotel, "Lian Tan Hui Guan" during my stay in Kaohsiung. Right in front of this hotel, I rented a bike and took a stroll around the lake.  I took many stops and photographed, spending about 2 to 3 hours in total for the nice and relaxing trip.

Starting point from hotel

Cycle up the bridge to enter the lian lake garden.

Pagoda with tiger in Lian Lake

Pagoda with tiger in Lian Lake

Pagoda with tiger in Lian Lake

Take photo with these very very cute doggies for a small payment to the owner.  (I am the only one paying while I was there !)

Pagoda with Dragon and tiger

Delicious Onion Doughnuts

Fishing by the Lian Lake

Temple facing the Lian Lake

Coffee shop / Cafe beside the Lian Lake to unwind - They are serving Arabica coffee hand grinded.

The hotel -
"Lian tan hui guan"

Chinese drama at the car park beside the Lian Lake

Cycling beside Lian Lake

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